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Showfolio helps exhibitors and handlers take control of their show schedule, research, and planning all in one easy to use app.

A better way to manage your shows

What ring are we in? Which dog is showing next? Does this judge prioritize gait? How many points does my dog have?

Never ask questions like these again with Showfolio.

Ditch the spreadsheets

Keep track of shows, dogs, judges, results and much more all in the Showfolio app. 


Make folios for all your dogs, favorite (or least favorite!) judges, and shows. Track results, points, or whatever your heart desires!


View the results of ALL AKC shows as they are released online. In addition, day-of results are available courtesy of AKC Winners. 


Plan your events months out. Plan your ring times, grooming times, or anything at all you need to remember at the show.

Showfolio is available for all devices

iPhone? iPad? Android? Doesn’t matter!